The biggest risks in remediation and abatement services are working with an environmental services partner who is unable to develop a sound plan of action or follow through on a plan. Because remediation is often the most expensive portion of an environmental project, your risks are enormous. we’re experts in developing and completing effective remediation and abatement action plans.

You’re responsible for health and safety issues affecting your employees and the public as a result of harmful materials or waste at your property. we help you limit and eliminate risks from asbestos, lead, radiation, blood-borne pathogens and other potentially harmful substances.

In addition, our industrial hygiene program may help reduce your insurance premiums and will ultimately make a significant contribution to the profitability of your business or investment. From sampling to surveys and safety training, VRS offers the cutting-edge services you need.

From professional consulting services to site investigation, soil removal and alternative remediation systems, we know the best course of action for your investment.

Commercial Building Cleaning Services

Whether you need emergency cleaning services or are in need of deep clean that a janitorial service does not have the expertise or equipment to perform, your business will benefit from the experience, cleaning products and equipment cleaning professionals can provide.

Commercial Building Restoration Services

Our expertise includes restoration services for fire and water damage, including electronics restoration and document drying. We are also your business’s best resource for mold mitigation.

Large Loss Response

As a national leader in damage restoration, VRS has the scalable resources needed to respond quickly to large scale restoration projects. Our Large Loss Teams are strategically positioned throughout the country and have the expertise, equipment and trained personnel to handle natural disasters and large commercial disaster recovery projects. 

Inspection and Pretesting

While inspecting the property to determine the extent of fire damage and the scope of needed cleaning, restoration, and repairs.

The full extent of the smoke and fire damage. How many materials are affected by smoke or fire? What is the proper method for cleaning? Will your personal belongings need to be relocated while your house is restored? These are just a few of the decisions that must be made.

Unaffected areas – It can be vital to protect areas that were not affected by soot and odor before the damage spreads to these areas. It will save you money!

What materials can be restored and what materials must be replaced. Are the smoke residues cleanable? Who is completing the inventory of items that are damaged beyond repair? Fire damage pretesting is vital. A complete inventory is invaluable! How long will the cleanup take? We’ll let you know what to expect.

The most effective cleaning methods. What work procedures will restore the damaged materials?

Once the fire damage mitigation begins, the Franchise Professional will keep you informed and answer your questions, all while working to help make the fire damage “Like it never even happened.”