Interior Systems

Metal Stud Framing
VRS use the latest and very best equipment to ensure accuracy during layout and installation of all metal stud walls, ceilings and soffits. Our experienced team of framers will provide you with the metal stud framing that you designed, from basic metal stud walls to the most intricate, detailed, curved soffit.

We specialize in architectural drywall systems that provide aesthetics, flexibility, fire-resistance, and noise reduction using environmentally sustainable materials. We also offer solutions to all exterior insulation and finish systems.

Acoustical ceiling
Since the advent of acoustical ceiling and wall technology, VRS has proven itself to be a leader in the industry offering a wide array of acoustical ceilings, specialty ceilings, and wall solutions to our customers and installing millions of square feet of suspended acoustical ceilings annually in commercial, educational, institutional, and industrial settings. We also offer comprehensive ceilings solutions to our clients with materials that range from basic 2’ x 4’ exposed grid and lay-in ceiling panels to intricate metal, linear, wood, and custom integrated systems featuring full control and distribution of acoustics, air-conditioning, lighting, and fire-rated ceilings. Our services include all major ceilings manufacturers and product lines as well as many other specialty and boutique lines, including acoustical wall panel systems custom-fitted to almost any configuration utilizing the widest selection of fabrics, art work and materials.

Sound Proofing
We provide solutions to all special noise-reduction needs, including fully integrated soundproofing, open-office acoustical efficiency, and industrial noise control. As a specialist in acoustical and soundproof construction applications, we offer total package applications for all commercial, institutional, and industrial systems that surpass our competition in quality and capacity.